Care Philosophy


  • Respect
  • 'Continuity of Care'
  • Atmosphere of care 
  • Routine 
  • Trust
  • Nurturing; socially, emotionally, developmentally
  • Age appropriate expectations
  • Responsive care-giving
  • Building relationships; children, families, and staff

The generally accepted definition of Continuity of Care is providing an atmosphere of care and routine that children can predict and trust.   

Programs do this by having small classrooms, low staff to child ratios, keeping children together as a group, and keep consistent staff with children as they move through stages of development. The aim is to provide children nurturing relationships with teachers that provide a foundation of trust that facilitates learning.  

Most advocates for Continuity of Care focus on this model of care for children from zero to three years of age.  We will strive to provide a balance of high quality care with high quality learning by having qualified teachers at each age level of development.   We want to make sure to provide excellent teachers for children at all levels of development. 

Since we are a small center, we hope to build strong relationships between all members of our program children, families and staff.  We will strive to provide the widest base for support and make transitions as smooth as possible.

We acknowledge that the field of Early Education is challenged with fairly high turnover rates.  One of our top priorities is to retain staff to support Continuity of Care.  For this reason we have instituted our Staff Retention Program. 

It is our hope to overcome these challenge and to maintain our teachers.  We encourage our teachers to stay with their group of children as they develop through their various stages of growth.