We Believe...

The curriculum you choose is just as important as the program that implements it.

The program curriculum and its implementation will determine the quality of care your infant or toddler receives.

Our Curriculum Philosophy

A Relationship Learning Philosophy

Santa Rosa Rise and Shine will create an individualized action plan based on the unique needs and age of development for your infant.  

Our goal is to develop the crucial importance of giving tender, loving care and assisting in your infants' intellectual development through an attentive reading of cues. 

Our care-givers will connect with each family to develop a responsive, relationship-based, interactive care that supports each infant and toddler's family and culture.

Our teachers study the infants in their care, reflect on and record information about their interests and skills, and search for ways to set the stage for the next learning encounters.

Our curriculum uses a carefully designed process of learning through discovery called active participatory learning. During active learning, infants and toddlers learn about the world around them by exploring and playing.

Our trained staff addresses skills and behaviors at each stage of development based upon six program policies that anchor our work: primary care, small groups, continuity, individualized care, cultural responsiveness and inclusion of children with special needs.  

This philosophy creates a climate for care that reinforces our responsive, relationship based approach. It allows relationships to develop and deepen over time between care teachers and infants; as well as between care teachers and the families.